We are so glad that you are here! We desire to do well in making you feel welcome and appreciated. Being new to a church can be a daunting experience. Those around you seem to know what is going on and how to find things. People greet and know one another. We want that to be you. We want you to be part of this church family, and we are doing a few things to make that happen. First, our Welcome Table Hosts can help get you oriented in such things as introducing your kids to their Sunday School Teacher or viewing our Statement of Faith. Second, there is a handout called “How to Get Connected at Strathmore Alliance Church” that gives numerous suggestions on how to meet people and get involved here. It is available for you at the Welcome Table. We have placed the Welcome Table in the main foyer at the entrance to the sanctuary so that you can find the Hosts easily. Why not drop by and see them the next time you are at SAC.